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I worked for Sanoma for 23.5 years.

Eigenhuis & Interieur:

In 1992, I answered an ad for a stylist by Eigenhuis & Interieur. Instinctively I knew this was a great opportunity to learn and see more. Every day for the next 6.5 years I learned something new. I visited interior decorating fairs in Milan and Köln and Kortrijk and became familiar with design furniture and designers. It was an interesting time. It fed my desire to learn, see and do more. I created interior productions and even designed a trade fair at the Rai in Amsterdam.

Various magazines:

After 6.5 years, I was given the opportunity to work for different magazines within Sanoma.

These included:

  • Ariadne at Home
  • VT Wonen
  • Doe het Zelf
  • Kinderen Magazine

Ariadne at Home:

Ariadne at Home was a favorite magazine of mine and I worked there for 14.5 years as a senior stylist. I wrote a column on styling and the people I met. I visited brocant and antique fairs and much more.

Seasons magazine:

Seasons magazine invited me to style flowers. I was immediately interested and excited. I was discovering a complete new field. Nature is a great source of inspiration.


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