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Look in the book: ‘Living the Bohemian Dream’

In this book Jeanette Philipse shows how, in her own unique way, she decorates her house for her home events, when she
opens up her doors to everyone who loves her style. She chooses a theme, carefully picks her colour palette to match and
combines this with a certain ambience. Jeanette designs every
room with brocante furniture and accessories and creates an enchanting atmosphere.
"It all started when I was a little girl of about six or seven years old. My parents had a brocante shop in Nijmegen
and they took me with them to brocante markets. They gave me a few coins to buy something for myself."
Living the Bohemian Dream

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Decorator: Jeanette Philipse
Photographer: Anneke Gambon
Creative director / author: Linda van der Ham


After almost 24 years working in various positions for the magazine group SANOMA, Linda van der Ham knew it was time to set up her own company. LINDIVIDU brings your individual, authentic personality to the fore in an interesting, creative manner. 'Every home has a personality, every piece of furniture, every ornament too. Styled properly, a home will reflect the personality of those who live there,'

Linda's goal is to:
- create something new;
- show its beauty;
- make it more appealing;
- respect a piece of furniture, a home;
- respect the history, the emotional attachment, the nostalgia;
- show the personal and the creative aspect;
- bring a inanimate object to life;
- create a mood, a different look, a new idea.

When styling your home for magazine articles, Linda takes what you love and what you find beautiful, adds that special LINDIVIDU touch to create a styling that is in line with the requirements of the magazine, your showcase. She understands the importance of both architecture and lifestyle. And she knows how best to create character and style with the right combination of objects, textures and colours.

´Creating features of homes with that extraordinary, personal touch is always an adventure. It is a special privilege to be welcomed into a home, explore its energy and hopefully inspire others to put their heart into their interior,´ she concludes.


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