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When I was about nine years old, a relative asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied: a private detective, a stewardess or something creative.

I didn’t have a name for what I wanted to be, but I knew deep down that it needed to consist of the following aspects: exploration, adventure, discovery, imagination, creativity and innovation.

Colour and form fascinated me. I saw the beauty in a cloud-filled sky; I was amazed by the nuance of colour: the bright blue, the stark white and all the hues of grey and light blue where cloud and sky mingled. And it was like that with everything I saw. It was and is my passion. Later still, came the realization that I had a natural gift for combining not only colours, but forms and textures too.

But what to do with it?

At fourteen years old I was privileged to find my mentor. She was a family friend who worked at the Dutch Opera House, designing and constructing stage decors. She opened my eyes to a whole new world. At her suggestion, I attended Nimeto, a school for design and styling in Utrecht.

This was the beginning of my career in styling. I never looked back.



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